Teens can't find a job?

Are your kids still pounding the pavement looking for a job?
Well maybe their time would be better spent like Chris, a young man in Syracuse; he is became an entrepreneur. There are many freelance opportunities for your teens from dog walking to photography to web designing. All it takes is getting those creative juices flowing, identifying strengths and weaknesses and then...JUST DO IT!

In the words of the great author and philosopher Plato - Necessity... the mother of invention. Check out Chris's story, a teenager that couldn't find a summer job. Pass this along to your teens with a word of encouragement to get inventive. Here is a snippet of the article:
What if I told you that there was another option, that you could just pass right by the mainstream job market and still make money? Well, in fact, there is, and I've been living it for the past year. Freelancing is an option open to anyone with a business idea and the will to pull through with it. Even for teens, self employment opportunities can be endless. I do Web site development. My business, at, began out of a love for computers and developed through several years of getting experience and learning the specifics of the trade. In other words, creating a business from the ground up wasn't exactly an overnight process. However, not everything requires that level of commitment. While it's important to have a passion for what you do, chances are you don't have years to work your way up to it. Quite possibly the most common self-employed jobs teens are involved in are lawn-mowing and babysitting. You can even turn a hobby such as photography, writing or drawing into a business. Skills and experience gained from starting off in this way can be valuable. I've learned quite a bit myself: discipline to meet deadlines, communication skills from talking to clients, good work ethics, and, possibly the most important, determination for when the going gets tough. These skills will stay with you. They are skills colleges and potential employers love. You can read the rest of the article here -

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