Just a Smile Will Do!

As the holidays draw near and the bustling about comes to a crescendo it amazes me how a warm smile can stop you in your tracks. Think about it, if the cashier is jolly and greets you with a smile it can make your day and most likely you will tell a freind about the experience. What about your co-worker that is always grumpy, a smile during the holidays warms your heart as you hope the trend will continue.

If you love the warm feeling of receiving a smile, image how people feel when you give a smile. This season with shrinking budgets and other worries, let’s increase our smile power. A smile conveys so many messages:
* It’s going to be alright
* How can I help
* You can make it
* Be encouraged

As the celebration of Christmas nears, let’s increase our smile power and encourage people we meet along the way.

5 things to treasure this holiday season:

1. The smile on a child’s face as they eat holiday cookies and drink warm milk

Looking into the eyes of loved ones

3. A big hug

4. Realizing that money can’t buy you happiness

5. Giving and receiving the best gift of the season - Love

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