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I wanted the first post of 2010 to be uplifting and inspirational and I have the perfect story to share with you.

In 2009 I met a wonderful lady with a heart of gold and a mission to bring out the inner beauty in each woman that she meets.

Her name – Susan Svihel and she is the owner of More Than a Makeover. Check out her site at

I recently interviewed Susan…

Why did you start your business?
Every woman has a desire to look and feel beautiful.  I love to bring out
beauty in every woman--to help them look and feel their very best. I started my business to help women know exactly what techniques to use and what products to use to bring out the fullness of their beauty. I start with the best skin care, anti-aging, and cosmetics available. I then work personally with each woman to determine her specific needs. I have a broad range of products available to meet all skin care needs from acne to sensitive, from young to 50+ skin, and I even have an instant face lift system.

What major goal have you accomplished with the business? How?
I have developed a loyal clientele which, of course, is the mainstay of any business. I believe I have accomplished this by having integrity in my business--my clients know that I care about them and that they can trust me to do what is best for them.

How long have you been in business?
I've been in business for myself a little over 5 years after working for many years as a professional make-up artist and skin care specialist.

Remembering back to your first day of business…describe your feelings?

My first day of business was a combination of thrill and fear. I was excited to be starting something new that I felt was missing in the marketplace--personalized service with instruction about not just WHAT to use, but HOW to use the products to achieve your desired look.

I meet so many women who tell me they don't do anything because they don't know what to use, or how to use it. I LOVE taking the time to teach women so they are empowered to duplicate what I teach them.

I was excited to build relationships with my clients, so they always had someone they could go to to have their questions answered. My main fear was: would women see the value in my service? I have since found a resounding --YES answer to that question.

How long did it take to prepare for your opening day?
I would say about 3 months. Since I had years of experience, and I was planning to work from a home studio, I needed to research the products I wanted to use in my business. I spent a great deal of time reading and researching before I chose the products for my business.

How are you promoting your business?

To date it has been through word of mouth and referrals.

Are you using Social Media to engage your customers?
I am a bit new to having an understanding of Social Media, but, thanks to Candyce, I am catching on quickly and see what a valuable tool it can be.

Words of encouragement for woman entrepreneurs?
Follow your Passion. You possess skills and abilities no one else has--use them to enrich the lives of everyone around you. By this you honor God with what He has given you to share with the world. And when you engage in your passion, you will never 'work' another day in your life.

What are your business goals for 2010?
I am so excited for what the New Year will bring! I am going to grow in my understanding of social media and apply this to my business by starting a blog and twittering--maybe LinkedIn...etc.

I am also looking into expanding my product line to include nutritional products--another area of passion. Health and beauty are inseparable and I want to combine my 20+ years of expertise in both industries to offer well rounded services to my clients. I am always looking with a selective eye to broadening my skin care and make-up offerings...constantly on the lookout for the best of the best.

I also desire to expand into teaching and presenting to groups, corporations, and organizations. Think of a Motivational "More Than a Makeover" Brown Bag Lunch Session – the employees will love the HR department! Or add a twist to your next committee meeting with a "More Than a MakeOver" Break

What are your personal goals for 2010?

To spend more time than ever studying God's word, the Bible, knowing that it is the source of all true wisdom and ultimately all lasting personal transformation.

Susan's passion and ability to identify the hidden beauty in all whom she meets means 'More Than a Makeover' is more than a way to make a living but she is fulfilling her heartfelt mission in life.

Have you ever wanted an expert to prescribe a customized skin regime just for you?
Have you ever wondered what colors look best on you?
Do you not wear make-up because you're just not sure how?
Is your make-up more than 6 months old? 

Do you wonder when you should begin using anti-aging products?

If you've answered 'YES' to any of these questions, then make an appointment with Susan today.

Send an email or for those in Northern California, give Susan a call at 707 469-3388

Start the new year with a whole new you--and make this your most beautiful year ever!

Just for Zest of Life Blog readers:
If you are looking to implement a new skin care or anti-aging regimen or if you are wanting to update your make-up with a new look for 2010 - Call Susan before

February 14th - Valentine's Day and set an appointment and you will receive a complimentary anti-aging facial.  

Don't put it off...A new year.

A new look.

A new YOU!


Susan is available to answer all of your beauty questions - Send Susan an email at

*More Than a Make Over Service List:

*Makeovers: Both everyday make-up and glamour make-up.

*** Makeup Update ***
For all current clients: Don't allow your makeup to become dated. Did you know that if you have had a makeover or color analysis with Susan that you are entitled to two FREE makeup updates per year and foundation formula testing? 

*Make-up Lessons: Let me teach you how to make the best of yourself and learn which colours suit your skin tone. I teach you how to apply make-up properly and how to quickly convert your make-up from a daytime to an evening look.

*Make-over your Make-up case: What’s in that bag? Let me advise you as to what should or shouldn’t be in your make up bag. Bring it and I’ll show you what to update and what to toss.

*Little Princess' (13+) make-up lessons: I teach proper skin care techniques and age-appropriate make-up application.

*Skin Care and Anti-Aging Classes: Learn the ABCs of Skin Care. When to begin using anti-aging products and what to use for your specific needs or concerns. I will show you how to achieve the best results possible for your skin!

*Make-Over Party: For a special birthday or any occasion! – How about a ‘Make-Over’ party for you and your friends? Fully customized parties - You tell me what you would like and I will put a package together for you.

*Wedding and Special Event Make-up: Be sure you and your bridesmaids look your very best on your special day.

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