Staying organized is a habit!

Are you committed?
Are you continuing to work on getting organized and de-cluttering your space?  Here are two basic tasks with huge benefits.

1. Make your bed every morning.

2. Designate a spot for your keys and glasses if you wear them.

"Getting organized is a project. Staying organized is a habit," says Regina Leeds, professional organizer and author of One Year to an Organized Life (Da Capo, 2007).

In order to make the benefits of your spring purge last, make organization part of your daily ritual. Leeds recommends these two simple tasks for their ability to bring calm to your environment (making the bed) and saving you time and angst (designating a spot for your keys). "Once you see how these small actions have big benefits, you'll be inspired to bring a similar sense of serenity to other parts of your life."

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