Want a stunning website? You can do this!

Absolutely FREE!  

Weebly, the startup company has you covered.  Their platform allows users to build rich websites using a straightforward drag and drop interface in minutes.  No need to wait for expensive designers or try to learn html or css – You can create your website today.  Here is why it is so easy to use Weebly:

Powerful, Drag & Drop Website Editor

Stunningly easy drag & drop website editor. Videos, pictures, maps, and text are added by simply dragging them to your website. Newbie web designers are totally surprised at how straightforward it is to build a website with Weebly – no HTML or technical skills required!

It’s Free

It is completely free to create and publish a website with Weebly. You can opt to buy a pro account upgrade for a small fee, or purchase your own domain, but our free service is and will remain 100% feature packed.

Hosting Included – No Restrictions
Hosting is provided by Weebly,  so you don’t need to pay for a hosting provider. They don’t impose arbitrary bandwidth restrictions, storage caps or limits on the number of pages allowed, either. Going to be featured in the New York Times? Great! The hosting infrastructure is backed by an army of servers that provide reliable stability for your websites – all for free!

80+ Professional Designs (or Customize Your Own)
Deciding on a look for your website couldn't be easier. There are dozens of professional designs to choose from and more are added on a regular basis. Want to bring your own? You can completely customize the template of your site, or build your own with HTML & CSS, right in the Weebly editor.

A Variety of Content Elements
If you can imagine it, you can do it with Weebly. Add pictures, videos, music and audio, documents, maps, and photo galleries. Sell products, accept online bookings, create a contact form, or arrange your pages in multiple columns. Drag on slideshows, files, forums, games, RSS feeds, or any other HTML embed code -- all by simply dragging and dropping.

Powerful Blogging Features

Post your thoughts and receive comments using our super slick blogging features. Weebly supports an unlimited number of blogs within your website, with full comment moderation features allowing an open, moderated, or closed conversation.

No Advertising
Weebly will not place advertising on your site, and never will. Some “free” website providers force advertising to be placed on your site, but you won't find that on Weebly. In fact, Google AdSense is integrated to allow you to easily enable advertising – as simple as entering your email address – letting you earn money from your site!

Can you use $10,000?
Are you a web designer?  Well, show off your stuff and enter your web template designs for a chance at $10k.

Weebly, has opened a new Theme Community, allowing any of its 3.5 million users to submit their own themes for use by other Weebly members.  To help launch the new feature, Weebly is holding a contest where it’s giving $10,000 to the top submitted design, as determined by a panel of professional designers.

Users will be able to access the themes both through the site’s editor (which has been revamped a bit to accommodate the new gallery) and from the home page, which you can view even if you aren’t a Weebly member. Themes won’t include attribution in their footers, but the gallery itself will allow designers to build up their own profiles, allowing users to see all of the themes they’ve submitted.

Hurry, submission deadline is April 30th and is open in any country where such contests are valid.  Best of success!

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