Trying To Lose Weight? Try Decluttering Your Physical Space

Ditch the diet – research shows that clutter can be the weight gain culprit.

Do you feel stressed out and rotten when clutter levels rise past a certain point? Consider this research: Self-identified hoarders (who have a tendency to collect and an inability to dispose of things) and family members of hoarders are nearly three times more likely to be overweight and have more medical and mental health issues than their family members, according to a 2008 report in Psychiatry Research. Although hoarding is an extreme example, people with typical clutter problems report anxiety, guilt, and depression about the clutter in their homes.

The first step in getting rid of excess fat is to...

The first step in getting rid of excess fat is to purge your space.

Did you know that your physical living and working space are a reflection of your state of mind? 

Let go of the clutter and you will let go of the fat. As you purge your space, the weight will fall away. Declutter to have more energy, time and motivation to lose weight. You will now be in control of your life. As a result you'll even find it will give you the motivation to lose weight.

Picture how much more relaxing it will be to come home every day to a clean, organized, clutter-free home.

We often acquire physical possessions to substitute for unmet emotional needs. Is going to the mall your most common family outing? Are you in the habit of shopping just because it’s something to do? Does your mall outing include a stop at the Food Court?

Do you really need or want all that stuff cluttering your space and closets?

Break the cycle of acquiring possessions to satisfy emotional needs.

Time to purge your space, lose weight, and live your life!

Recapture the Purpose for Each Room
Each room in your home should have a clear purpose. Any items in that room that do not fit with that purpose need to be removed. This process will take time - after all, you didn't acquire these possessions overnight.
You will feel invigorated and liberated by each room or closet that you successfully tackle. Each decluttering session will become easier once you see and feel the benefits.

Of course your kitchen is most important to your weight loss goals. Create a kitchen that has clear countertops with plenty of space for preparing food. A pantry stocked with healthy foods that are easily located for any recipe. An organized refrigerator full of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables. A comfortable, uncluttered eating area. Imagine how you will look forward to preparing and eating healthy food in this environment!

Your family room is the place your family gathers to watch TV, play games, or read together. By decluttering the family room you make these activities more enjoyable and spontaneous.

The living room should be your special area for guests. Imagine how much fuller your life would be if you could invite friends and loved ones over on the spur of the moment without stressing about where you will entertain them.

Your garage should neatly hold your sports equipment, bicycles, gardening supplies, and power tools. Imagine how much easier it would be to play catch with your kids or plant some new flowers if everything was in easy reach and in workable condition.

I think you get the idea. By systematically going from room to room in no time you will have purged every room!

Now what?
Congratulations on purging your space! Celebrate this achievement as the "turning over a new leaf" that it is.

But keep in mind this is an ongoing process. Your physical space has a way of gathering clutter quickly, so set aside a regular time every week to walk through your house and reorganize and purge.

Now you can replace the time you formerly spent shopping for more "stuff" with other activities that fit in with your new healthy lifestyle and quest to lose weight for life.

How about taking a walk with your spouse? Or helping your kids with a school project? Or calling that old friend you've been meaning to catch up with? Or making a shopping list of the healthy foods you need to fill those blank spaces in your pantry and refrigerator? Or preparing a colorful healthy meal?

The list of "things to do" is endless, but the end result is a healthier YOU!

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