The Time is Now - The Need is Urgent

Am I going Home Today?

Critically-ill Former Vikings Star Yearns for Return to Northern California Roots.


While we are closer to meeting our fundraising goal of $25,000 to cover Earsell's air transport costs. We have a very small window of time that Earsell will be strong enough to travel. We are still short of our goal. We need your help. If you know of anyone who can help please contact us ASAP:



Vallejo native, Earsell Mackbee, who played five seasons for the Minnesota Vikings is dying from stroke-related complications at a Minnesota hospice.

Recently his condition took a turn for the worse. His doctors have given him very little time, but his family still believes in miracles, including the fulfillment of Earsell's enduring wish to spend his last days back home in Vallejo, California.

Help Us grant Earsell Mackbee's final wish to return to his home in the San Francisco - Bay Area.
We are raising $25,000 to cover the MedFlight transport costs.

Spread the word, tell a friend!

Thank you so much for your support of my brother-in-law!


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10 Ways to Communicate More Effectively

Are you a communication guru?

Almost everyone agrees that the first few moments of a meeting with a stranger are the toughest to get by. We don't know the other person. We don't know anything about his/her attitude, cultural background and interests.

Not to mention the butterflies in the stomach. Many of us barely survive these awkward moments.

However, to become a successful communicator, mastering these first moments is the first challenge to beat.
Well, practice makes perfect. Here are 10 ways to communicate more effectively. The first few ice-breaking sessions may be a bit clumsy. But with experience, it becomes fairly easy to start conversations with complete strangers. It becomes a natural trait. After a good amount of practice, it becomes so normal that it won't feel like you are trying to break the ice. You just do it.

10 Ways to increase your communication skills
1. Surround yourself with people you do not already know. While this may be difficult for those that are shy, putting this weakness behind will enable you to make new contacts in a short period of time, and potentially give you a business lead.

2. If you are in a group, individually introduce yourself to everyone in the group, shaking each person's hand and giving them the attention you would want to receive.

3. Always introduce yourself by stating your first and last name slowly and clearly. If this is a business networking opportunity include your business title when you introduce yourself. Make sure that the person you are speaking to heard your name, and if necessary, nonchalantly repeat your full name.

4. Shake their hand firmly while making eye contact. A firm handshake is never forgotten, and making eye contact shows you are serious.

5. Repeat the person's name that you just met. For example: "It's a pleasure to meet you, Robert." This will make the recipient feel special, and immediately remember who acknowledged them. Repeating their name will also help you memorize it.

6. Learn about the other person to create a trusted relationship, by letting them speak. Find out what they do and where they are from. Ask them about their past, and what brought them to the career path or business they are in today. Listen carefully, show them you care, and do not interrupt them!

7. Don't talk too much about yourself and your business. You can briefly mention what you do, but unless you are asked more by the other party, don't begin rambling about your great new business or endeavor. It may be exciting, but no one likes shameless promotion!

8. Always carry business cards. You never know who you will run into and when, whether you are eating cheese and crackers, in the middle of a conversation, or in the restroom.

9. Read at least one news article a day. If there is a moment of silence, you can break the awkward pause by bringing up an interesting story you read. This can be about an interesting local story, a TV show, a book, a movie, and more. Note: Steer clear of political news. This is not a good conversation piece, as this can lead to a loud and unpleasant outcome.

10. When introducing a friend or a colleague, be sure to mention their first and last name, along with a piece of information that the recipient may find interesting, such as where they work, or something they have accomplished that is out of the ordinary. This will make everyone feel comfortable and lead into a good conversation topic.

A Final Word
You can only leave a first impression once, so it's crucial to present yourself in the best way possible so you are never forgotten. Rapport is almost priceless. Agreements, contracts, big business deals are often concluded between people because they sense a bonding.

Now that you have the techniques, follow these simple rules and there is no looking back to you becoming a an effective communicator:
  • Prepare yourself for the challenge
  • Kick yourself out of the comfort zone and volunteer for ice-breaking
  • You may fail initially but remember that every failure is a stepping stone to success
  • Do it every single time there is an opportunity. After a while, it becomes a natural trait.
Believe me, it's fun. See yourself transforming over time. Go for it!

Develop and practice these effective communication skills and your life and business will take on new vitality!


October Goals

Yikes, I think somebody shortened the month :-)

As my Mom frequently says, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." I so appreciate my good fortune to be able to hang out with the modite gang...Rebecca Thorman at modite.com has inspired me to step up my goal setting game and her followers are there to cheer you on. I cherish the accountability aspect of posting my monthly goals so much that I am posting my success rate with the September goals and posting new goals for October.

September 2009 goals:
1. Setup a mailchimp account to manage all the mailing list - Great success, I created two mail campaigns for clients with Mail Chimp. MailChimp is really easy to use and the campaigns are impressive:
* Empowered for Success - a monthly inspirational and informational seminar
* Taking Your Prayer to the next level - a monthly Prayer Forum

2. Work with the BAM!apps group to re-launch the website - Almost finished...stay tuned for exciting launch announcement
3. Set up a tweetdeck account to manage the tweets - No go...will go on the October Goals
4. Blog at least twice a week - hmmm, not good...missed a few posts
5. Give at least 20 hugs per day - Love this goal!!
6. Read a word of inspiration daily - yes, that's why I made it through the month
7. Gain 20 blog followers - hmmm, missing a few followers - where are you?
8. Finish the micromentor signup -no go...on to the October goals
9. Attend at least one networking group meeting (any recommendations for Northern California?) - yes, I met with the Courageous Women Group and have volunteered for a fabulous event - FREE Shopping and Pampering Day For our Courageous Women in Domestic Violence Shelters Homeless Shelters and Transitional Centers! - If you are in northern california - come on out and lend a hand as we give back to women in transistion - For more details go to http://www.meetup.com/Courageous-Women/
10. Harvest the garden - Looking good, harvested tomatoes, basil, zuchini and cucumbers
11. Cross off 10 goals at the end of the month... lol, hmmm, close but no enchilada!

October Goals
1. Re- Launch the bamapps.com website
2. Blog at least twice a week and gain 20 followers - interview an inspirational business woman
3. Touch lives with the Healthy Eating Food Demo at the San Francisco Christian Center Health Fair - we are expecting at least 500 people. My goal is to educate people on Foods that Heal. I will post the recipes
4. Attend at least two meet-ups
5. Finish the Micro-mentor signup
6. Setup tweet deck
7. Hugs - at least 20 a day...need this to maintain sanity
8. Read a word of inspiration daily

Here are a few of my favorite October Holidays and celebrations:
Child Health Day : Oct. 5
National Chocolate Cupcake Day: October 18
Mother-in-Law Day: October 25
National Chocolate Day - Oct 28
National Businesswomen week - Oct 19 - 25
and of course October 31st - Harvest Festival
(As a Christian we believe that we are to be life and light to the world and not death and darkness nor practice witchery or sorcery - great article on this subject http://tinyurl.com/ye6add7)

So, what are your goals? If I can post my goals...so can you!