Californians - Our Future is at Stake


Their Future is at Stake

The Reality
In the last two years, more than $17 billion was cut from schools and colleges.
 Class sizes have skyrocketed.
 Entire art, music and vocational education programs were eliminated.
 More than 16,000 educators were laid off.
 Tuition fees have increased more than 30%, shutting thousands of students out of college.
And large California corporations enjoye more than $2 billion in annual tax breaks.
This year - in the wake of all these cuts--our students, schools and communities are being threatened again.  At my daughter's middle school there are threats to cut out Music and P.E.  Two crucial classes in the development of our children.  Not to mention the extra curriculum activities like basketball, track and band.  Not to mention the fact that as parents we now supply the majority of supplies - pencils, etc. used by Teachers.

We can't let that happen again.


We need your help in this urgent effort to speak out about the painful effects cuts are having on our students, schools and communities.

CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS at 1-888-268-4334

CALL TODAY, TOMORROW and everyday for the next 30 days!

Tell them to stop the cuts to public schools, colleges and other essential services.

Tell them it's time for everyone to pay their fair share, and to repeal the tax breaks handed out to large corporations and oil companies

We all know that education is essential to building a better California.  Working together, we can make sure our students get the resources they need to SUCCEED.

Visit  to learn more, get involved and stand up for public schools and California's future.

How have the cuts impacted your schools?  How concerned are you about the future of our education system?  Any other suggestions for putting an end to the attack on our education system?