This is the SEXIEST most creative Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Still trying to figure out how to make this Valentine's Day special?

Be Creative! Get sexy!  

Chocolate Body Paints – it’s easy and will  add a special flair to your Valentine’s Day celebration. I've added a little to this great recipe found at  Enjoy


Black History Month - How did it begin?

The Root of the Celebration
When Carter G. Woodson established Negro History week in 1926, he realized the importance of providing a theme to focus the attention of the public.  The intention has never been to dictate or limit the exploration of the Black experience, but to bring to the public's attention important developments that merit emphasis.

Can you name 3 famous 20th century African American Inventors? 

The clock is ticking – ok go!

Well, if you couldn’t name 3 off the top of your head, here is a little help courtesy of

Dr. James E. West
Electret Microphone Inventor

Ninety percent of microphones used today are based on the ingenuity of James Edward West, an African-American inventor born in 1931 in Prince Edwards County, VA. If you’ve ever talked on the telephone, you’ve probably used his invention.
Dr. James E. West and a colleague, Gerhard Sessler, developed the mic (officially known as the Electroacoustic Transducer Electret Microphone) while with Bell Laboratories, and they received a patent for it in 1962. The acoustical technologies employed became widely used for many reasons including high performance, acoustical accuracy and reliability. It is also small, lightweight and cost effective.


Love, African Americans and Heart Health - What do they have in common?

February is the month of love, a celebration of the contribution made by African Americans and the month to think about what we can change in our lifestyles to reduce the risk of heart disease.  So many things to do and in only 28 days…let’s think of it as a jumping off point for a year filled with love, appreciation and good health!

More Than a MakeOver

I wanted the first post of 2010 to be uplifting and inspirational and I have the perfect story to share with you.

In 2009 I met a wonderful lady with a heart of gold and a mission to bring out the inner beauty in each woman that she meets.

Her name – Susan Svihel and she is the owner of More Than a Makeover. Check out her site at

I recently interviewed Susan…

Why did you start your business?
Every woman has a desire to look and feel beautiful.  I love to bring out
beauty in every woman--to help them look and feel their very best. I started my business to help women know exactly what techniques to use and what products to use to bring out the fullness of their beauty. I start with the best skin care, anti-aging, and cosmetics available. I then work personally with each woman to determine her specific needs. I have a broad range of products available to meet all skin care needs from acne to sensitive, from young to 50+ skin, and I even have an instant face lift system.