September Goals - Did you write them down?

I stumbled upon a great blog post by Rebecca Thorman on Modite where she challenges us to join the meet up group, write our September goals and then cross them off upon successful completion. Studies show that when you write your goals and have an accountability partner the odds are that you will be much more successful in completing the goals.

Well, I have two lists, one is all the things I could ever think of that needs to be done and the other is the reality list. To spare myself total public humiliation :-) I will post the reality goal list...I wrote a song...want to it goes!

September 2009 goals:

1. Setup a mailchimp account to manage all the mailing list
2. Work with the BAM!apps group to re-launch the website
3. Set up a tweetdeck account to manage the tweets
4. Blog at least twice a week
5. Give at least 20 hugs per day
6. Read a word of inspiration daily
7. Gain 20 blog followers
8. Finish the micromentor signup
9. Attend at least one networking group meeting (any recommendations for Northern California?)
10. Harvest the garden
11. Cross off 10 goals at the end of the month... lol

That's it for about you? Are you joining the challenge? If so, click here to read Rebecca's post. What are your September goals?