October Goals

Yikes, I think somebody shortened the month :-)

As my Mom frequently says, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." I so appreciate my good fortune to be able to hang out with the modite gang...Rebecca Thorman at has inspired me to step up my goal setting game and her followers are there to cheer you on. I cherish the accountability aspect of posting my monthly goals so much that I am posting my success rate with the September goals and posting new goals for October.

September 2009 goals:
1. Setup a mailchimp account to manage all the mailing list - Great success, I created two mail campaigns for clients with Mail Chimp. MailChimp is really easy to use and the campaigns are impressive:
* Empowered for Success - a monthly inspirational and informational seminar
* Taking Your Prayer to the next level - a monthly Prayer Forum

2. Work with the BAM!apps group to re-launch the website - Almost finished...stay tuned for exciting launch announcement
3. Set up a tweetdeck account to manage the tweets - No go...will go on the October Goals
4. Blog at least twice a week - hmmm, not good...missed a few posts
5. Give at least 20 hugs per day - Love this goal!!
6. Read a word of inspiration daily - yes, that's why I made it through the month
7. Gain 20 blog followers - hmmm, missing a few followers - where are you?
8. Finish the micromentor signup -no go...on to the October goals
9. Attend at least one networking group meeting (any recommendations for Northern California?) - yes, I met with the Courageous Women Group and have volunteered for a fabulous event - FREE Shopping and Pampering Day For our Courageous Women in Domestic Violence Shelters Homeless Shelters and Transitional Centers! - If you are in northern california - come on out and lend a hand as we give back to women in transistion - For more details go to
10. Harvest the garden - Looking good, harvested tomatoes, basil, zuchini and cucumbers
11. Cross off 10 goals at the end of the month... lol, hmmm, close but no enchilada!

October Goals
1. Re- Launch the website
2. Blog at least twice a week and gain 20 followers - interview an inspirational business woman
3. Touch lives with the Healthy Eating Food Demo at the San Francisco Christian Center Health Fair - we are expecting at least 500 people. My goal is to educate people on Foods that Heal. I will post the recipes
4. Attend at least two meet-ups
5. Finish the Micro-mentor signup
6. Setup tweet deck
7. Hugs - at least 20 a day...need this to maintain sanity
8. Read a word of inspiration daily

Here are a few of my favorite October Holidays and celebrations:
Child Health Day : Oct. 5
National Chocolate Cupcake Day: October 18
Mother-in-Law Day: October 25
National Chocolate Day - Oct 28
National Businesswomen week - Oct 19 - 25
and of course October 31st - Harvest Festival
(As a Christian we believe that we are to be life and light to the world and not death and darkness nor practice witchery or sorcery - great article on this subject

So, what are your goals? If I can post my can you!